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Hugo Moreda


A passionate programmer and computer engineering student from Spain. I'm currently in the second year of the degree (which I should end by 2026), at the University of Deusto of San Sebastian.

I love problem-solving and programming, which I have been doing on my own for more than 6 years. I have developed lots of personal projects (related to web development, desktop apps, electronics...) which have helped me learn different programming languages, algorithms, and in general, let me explore different areas of the industry.

A rasterized RGB triangle.

Languages and tools

When it comes to programming languages and frameworks, I have great adaptability.

In multiple ocassions, I've learnt new languages, frameworks and tools just to get some tasks and proyects done. I'm a person that learns and adapts quickly.

Just below, you can see the main programming languages and tech stack in general that I use currently, but I have experience with other languages such as Python and PHP, which I have used in the past.

General purpose


Web development


Frameworks and libraries



Arch Linux

Main projects

A screenshot of Gyozora app.



Gyozora is a fast and lightweight file explorer. It´s fully compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux.

A screenshot of Horus web app.



Horus is a web control panel I made to host on my Raspberry Pi, to allow me control the led strip installed in my room from the phone and computer.

A mockup of an in game screenshot.

Old Backrooms: Escape


I made this short videogame to learn Unity and C# in depth, as well as Blender.

This is a big project, and I learnt a lot of code structuring, refactoring and other needed concepts while working with a large codebase.

Other projects

A render of 3D Lakitu in the app.

3D OBJ viewer

This small application lets the user read OBJ files and textures, showing them on screen.
By doing this project, I learnt a lot of how 3D engines work (and how they used to work in the past) and different rasterization techniques.
Tech: Golang, SDL2
A screenshot of two paths side by side, in the app.


While using dijkstra algorithm for another project, I learnt A*, which in most cases, is faster.
To show the speed difference, I made a program to visualize both algorithms in an interactable grid.
Tech: Golang, Ebitengine
A screenshot of a generation in the app.

Conway's game of life

I made this project to learn the basics of Rust. The user can draw and move around the canvas, and view how it's creation iterates over time.
Tech: Rust, SDL2
Some breadboards with TTL chips and wiring I did.

Orion 8

A RISC-V 8 bit computer I designed and partially built (first in a few breadboards, then in a custom PCB) with TTL and SN74 chips.
It was a very fun project, and I learnt a lot of electronics + PCB designing and testing.
Also wrote a basic compiler with my own 8 bit language to write programs faster.
My Macintosh Plus.

Macintosh Plus restoration

I have always loved old computers and devices. One day, while watching second-hand stuff, I decided to buy a broken 1986's Macintosh Plus. The computer had 0 video and sound signal.
It was a fun but also a challenging project. I learnt a lot of soldering, component probing, etc.
In the end, I managed to get it working (although the screen is partially stretched).
An in game screenshot of the Pacman recreation.

Pacman recreation

Originally started doing this project in Python, but, switched to Java because of it's great OOP.
This project was my submission in Prog II class' final project in my University.
Tech: Java, JavaFX
An in game screenshot of the Space Invaders game.

Space Invaders recreation

This was my submission for the CS50's course final project; made it as similar as possible to the original.
I enjoyed and learnt a lot of Python and Pygame while doing it.
Tech: Python, Pygame


Feel free to contact me to chat, ask questions or to work together on something cool! Use any of the above: